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Dharma Life Entrepreneur Indra Marothia from Chawandiya Village, near Pushkar, Rajasthan.<br />
Her husband is Om Prakash Marothia<br />
She has 2 daughters - Akanksha (M.Com), Ayushi (2nd year B Comm) and a son - Raj (10h grade).<br />
Old Lady who lives opposite them is Rukma Devi (Indra goes to rub medicine one her arms and legs everyday).<br />
2 light eyed school girls are Princey (11) and   Krishna (10) Puri. Their grand mother sits at the sewing machine - Sita Devi. Their father is a tailor (no photo) <br />
<br />
Hand wash, menstrual hygiene, Lighting Up Young Minds all took place at Raj Kriya Uch Prathmik Vidhyalay Chawandiya