Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park

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Local villagers plant mangrove saplings in a very systematic manner. 1st there is a digger, then a planter, adjacent to her is the ‘collector’ of the bags the saplings had been growing in, ensuring there is no litter left behind. Many of the local villagers are daily wagers, so the planting by Worldview International provides steady employment. Currently, 70% of the planters are women. <br />
To ensure there is biodiversity - and not monoculture - 3 species of mangrove are planted: <br />
Rhizophora Apiculata<br />
Bruguiera Gymnorhiza<br />
Ceriops Tagal<br />
They are planted with a spacing of 1m x 1m so that each sapling has room for its roots to grow.